School Items and Miscellaneous

Garber's Ice Cream - supplying the best ice cream to schools since 1912

Reduced Fat

Cotton Candy Cup / 3oz.
Strawberry Ripple Cup / 3oz.
Vanilla/Chocolate Cup / 3oz.
Vanilla Fudge Cup / 3oz.

Cotton Candy Push-up / 3oz
Vanilla Fudge Push-up / 3oz

Mini-Sandwich Vanilla / 2.75oz.
Vanilla Sandwich / 4oz.

Bulk Novelties

Cookie & Cream Cone / 4oz.

Orange Juice Up / 3oz.

Ice Cream Sand. Van. / 4 & 6oz.

Nut Cone / 4oz.

Water Ice



Nut Cone 8/6pk
Ice Cream Sandwich 12/12 | 12/6pk