Spanning three generations, the Garber family has served the needs of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia as well as Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia since 1912.

Garber's Ice Cream manufactures over 42 flavors of top quality Ice Cream, Sherbet, Yogurts, Ices and delicious Novelty Items such as Ice Cream Sandwiches, Cones, and Push-Ups. Our products range in size from 3 oz. cups sold to schools and hospitals to 3 gallon containers sold to institutional customers. You can find our products in grocery and convenience stores throughout Virginia's Shenandoah Valley and neighboring states.

We use ingredients of only the highest quality in our products. We produce Reduced Fat as well as No Sugar Added ice cream, and use less air in our ice cream to give it a richer, smoother taste.

Garber's provides private label products for companies from Ohio to Florida. We manufacture our products to YOUR specifications; for example, we produce products with a 10% butterfat content, and we can adjust that percentage up to 16% on ice creams. Our goal is to make our products the BEST they can be for your customers!